Common Web Application Architecture

Common Web Application Architecture   A web applications is an application that a user can accessed through a web browser.  The user creates HTTP request through the browser and request for resources to map for that url in web servers. Then the resource is rendered as an HTML page and give the response to the … Continue reading Common Web Application Architecture


Road to Web 4.0

Before to continue about what is web 4.0 it’s great to look back how it was earlier. As the topic says road to before web 4.0 there were web 1.0, web 2.0 and currently we are using the web 3.0. Sir Tim Berners-lee invented the web in 1989. By October in 1990 he had written … Continue reading Road to Web 4.0

JSP සහ Servlets

මොනවාද මේ jsp සහ servlets කියන්නේ කියල අපි ඉස්සෙලම බලමු. JavaServer Pages(JSP ), servlets  කියන්නේ java language එක භාවිතා කරන තවත් technology එකක්. මෙම තාක්ෂනය භාවිතා කරන්නේ බොහෝ විට dynamic web  pages සැකසීම සදහා.  Java language එකට අමතරව මෙය HTML, XML  මත පදනම් වෙමින් ගොඩනැගේ . JSP page එකක code එකක් සාමන්‍ය HTML page එකක … Continue reading JSP සහ Servlets